New Cross Medical Centre sets out to meet and exceed the patients’ expectation of care and at all times treat them with dignity and respect. It also sets out to provide the best possible work environment for its employees, which will enable them live a fulfilled social and professional life. To achieve this, an appropriate organisational culture, which gives meaning to what we do beyond just coming to work, is required. Culture defines who we are and why we do what we do. The organisational culture of the hospital is premised on the following:

Our Core Values

  •  Respect for people and property
  •  Maintain dignity of the patient
  •  Service to the customer
  •  Commitment to personal integrity
  •  Pursuit of excellence
  •  Fiscal responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our approach to good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is through focusing on health and education. This is where our synergies are and the reason why we can make a difference in our workplace with our clients and in the communities around us. We aspire to undertake at least two events in each half of the year.

Our Vision

To become the preferred centre of excellence and innovation for specialist health care provision, research and advocacy in Ghana and West Africa.

Our Mission

We are committed to provide Quaternary health care facilities and services, training, research, and advocacy for clients’ within and outside Ghana.

Our Philosophy

The patient comes first, all the time.


We are medical service providers for corporate, private individuals and families; the business community.